“All a Tsaritsa is is a beautiful cold girl in the snow, looking down at someone wretched, and not yielding.” (previously: waylands)

sara, twenty, tyrell, infp. i like queens, television, and photography.

B r e a k e r   o f   C h a i n s  -  4 . 0 3 


Luke Pasqualino as Sirius Black and Avan Jogia as Regulus Black


Department of Mysteries


*on time travel bus* oh you’re going back to kill hitler? uh yeah totally, me too *pulls jacket over spice girls world tour ‘98 t shirt*

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i want a fic about sansa getting married to loras and margaery to renly then when everyone else is asleep margaery and loras high five each other every night when they meet in the corridor whilst changing rooms and they live happily ever after

"I love meeting people and hearing their stories, learning from their experiences. Each individual journey is so unique and different but what drives your life says a lot about who you are. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes but I do my best to be a person who loves and gives without expectations, hoping to inspire and encourage."

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